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Jan's Deli
1004 Alma St, Menlo Park, CA 94025
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Jan's Deli

1004 Alma St, Menlo Park, CA 94025

When you think about classic deli food, you probably first think of New York City. Every time you see a deli showcased on a television show or in a movie, it almost always takes place in NYC. Those living on the West Coast no longer need to worry about where to go when they want to curb their cravings for traditional deli food. Here at Jan's Deli there is everything those looking for a NYC deli could want.

Jan's Deli opened in Menlo Park after finding that other restaurants in the city didn't offer the type of deli food that people loved and enjoyed back in New York. While you could grab a turkey sandwich, it usually came on dry bread and lacked the full and rich flavor of a real deli sandwich. Before finding a space and opening the restaurant, the owners met with farmers and vendors throughout the region to find those who could supply them with fresh ingredients every day and every week. They wanted to give the diners excellent food made from the freshest meats, vegetables and cheeses.

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Though they spent plenty of time on the recipes and finding the right vendors and suppliers, the owners also wanted to spend time on the design of the restaurant. Jans wanted a space that would look like a classic deli but still have their own uniqueness on display. A small indoor dining space and an outdoor patio area lets the diners select where they want to eat and the type of experience they want to enjoy.

The sandwiches feature fresh ingredients and foods that the chefs make every day in house. Why not try a turkey sandwich with a smear of cranberry sauce on top or a meatloaf sandwich like mom always made? Not only does Jans let you choose what you want inside your sandwich, but they also let you select the toppings and type of bread you want. At Jan's Deli, you can have the laid back feel of living in California with the classic deli experience found in New York City. The sandwiches will transport you from the West Coast to the East Coast with one single bite.

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